Wilson Timing Company uses the latest RFID technology available from race|result

The system includes, RFID tags, ground antenna, an RFID decoder and race|result 11 scoring software. The solution posts instant results live on-site and to the internet seamlessly

The system is quick and easy to set up, is an incredibly durable, redundant system, features the best of German engineering and produces the best RFID detection rates of any system on the market

We used this system exclusively in 2016 to time and score 21 events including several 24-hour lap races, 100-mile races, 5k’s with high densities of finishers and two of the top 10 largest 100-mile events (nationally by number of participants)

Our equipment timed the Pistol Ultra recording more than 38,000 RFID reads over 30-hours in the rain and maintained a chip detection rate greater than 99.999%

We’ve looked at a lot of RFID technology and are confident we’ve got the best technology and have paired it with an experienced team capable of exceeding your timing and scoring needs